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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds in the United States to benefit non-governmental organizations in West African countries being served by the U.S. Peace Corps.
  • We support meaningful social service activities with a focus on initiatives that support children and families (especially in the areas of education, environmental preservation, health and small business development).
  • We promote awareness of challenges faced by West African families.
  • We maintain contacts with American Peace Corps volunteers who are assigned to West African Nations. Those volunteers provide current information about local needs and can offer on-site support to It Must Work projects.

2020 Facebook Fundraiser Update

Thanks for your great support for our efforts to support the school in Gannandji, Benin.

The Facebook fundraiser has ended, but you can still donate with by mail, Paypal or credit card at our Donate link

New 2020 pictures from our school project here: Hot News!

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Becky Harles, founder and Board President:
Tom Emmons, board member:

US Mail:
Paul Casper, Treasurer
It Must Work, c/o Paul Casper
1325 N Van Buren St #603
Milwaukee, WI 53202

It Must Work board members underwrite all fund-raising, research and fund transfer expenses for the organization. 100% of all contributions from the public have been spent directly for the charitable purposes of the organization since its founding in 2009.

Founding IMW board members, Tom Emmons and Rebecca Casper Harles pictured at left at a Peace Corps event during their posting in West Africa in 2005.

Dramatic Improvements from Small Investments...

Walls! Students! The work of funding this school continues in 2020

In the spring of 2019, our Highland House fundraiser donated money to speed construction of a first "indoor" school in Gannandji, Benin, West Africa. Here's the school in March.

While still a work in progress, by December 2019, our school had come a long way...

The cistern pictured above collected rainwater that was the only source of drinking water at the Enagnon Dandan Orphanage in Benin, West Africa.

It had been the source of widespread illness for both children and animals.

In 2014, It Must Work funded a well project in cooperation with the orphanage and Electricians Without Borders. The resulting well is pictured above. Both health and the reliability of the water supply have been improved.

Below: children outside the Enagnon Dandan orphanage in rural Benin. Many of It Must Work's annual projects have supported the work of this local community resource.