The Current "It Must Work" Board of Directors

Becky Harles 
Founder, Chairman of the Board

From 2004-2006, Becky served the Peace Corps as a small business volunteer in Bohicon, Benin teaching business at a girls’ trade school. In her spare time she gave English lessons at the local library, founded by her friend Mathieu Ahouandjissi. Her fundraising efforts started the year after she came back and have continued to grow.  “I’m so very proud of what my friends, family and I have been able to accomplish since 2009. We have been so blessed in life, it makes me happy to be able to share some of what I have with those who need it the most and that I have the loving support of so many wonderful people in my life.” 

Tom Emmons 

Tom served with Becky in the Peace Corps in the same village of Bohicon. He worked at the local bank and small businesses as an Technology Specialist volunteer and also with an orphanage with more than 100 children. He also helped Mathieu Ahouandjissi give his annual Christmas celebration for the children in villages in the Bohicon area. Says Tom, “It Must Work is a great way to help great people. Our experience living and working in West African communities sets our projects apart." 

Paul Casper 
Director, Treasurer

Paul is a retired engineer (who, full disclosure, is also Becky’s father), has supported Becky and Tom’s fundraising efforts since the inception of It Must Work.  In 2005, he, wife George Ann and daughter Lisa came to visit Becky in Benin and brought gifts for more than 150 children. Paul's quote, "I'm thrilled to have been able to support Becky and the rest of the Board in this important charitable work."

Ed Valent                                                                                                                                                         Director

Ed, a retired Milwaukee Public Schools teacher, has been involved in It Must Work since before it's inception. He and initial board member, attorney, Peggy Davis helped It Must Work in the incorporation process. Since 2014, his efforts for the annual Milwaukee fundraiser at Mequon's Highland House have supported a variety of special projects. Ed notes that, "Each year seems to bring new opportunities to make a real difference in the lives and prospects of the West Africans with whom we have been able to work."

Erin (Bo
wman) Danial

Erin served in the Peace Corps in West Africa. She joined the It Must Work board in 2016. Erin is a Nurse Practitioner living in Oakland, California and is excited to be supporting new projects in West Africa.

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